Here, a highly capable merchandising team with professional excellence at pre-production prepares the grounds for quality and speed in production.

Auto CAD, Sample & Cutting Section:

Its Sample Department maintains expertise, shaping the customer’s interests into a decent design. Computer Aided Design AUTO CAD supports them to have intricate designs.

Sample Design on CAD

Here at Khantex, world leading computer-aided solutions help obtain patterns and markers. Thereafter, fabric cutting takes place in bulk ensuring optimal utilization of fabrics.


It has 24 spacious sewing lines, currently in use, which is soon to be expanded to 50. At 12 of those, highly skilled and experienced craftsmen perform their best to produce 1 million pieces of knit garments per month.

At the remaining 12 sewing lines, half a million pieces of woven bottom garments are produced by equally competent artisans working with dedication and care.


Following ironing, thread clearing and other invariable finishing touches, the final QC is done here to hit AQL1.5 uncompromisingly.

Buyers QC & Shipment:

After the completion of production, the products are shipped with careful coordination.